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PLC Remote Access

Secure. Remote. Access.

ProSoft Technology has been helping you realize the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0 and Smart Industry since 1990. With ProSoft Connect, our new, cloud-native platform, we’ll be helping you realize additional value of the IIoT for years to come.


ProSoft Connect’s service uses a layered approach to security.

  • Uses your PC’s operating system VPN, minimizing the need for user-installed software
  • Uses industry standard HTTPS for all communication
  • Requires a certificate and one-time use keys to authenticate the gateways
  • Runs on Amazon Web Services, which uses advanced cloud security technology

How it helps you...

Reduce risk of cyber-attack: No user-installed software means that your employees won't have to spend time, energy, and money on updating systems – or fixing things if the in-house update hits a snag. You can instead focus on your work and leave the maintenance of the platform up to ProSoft’s experts.

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“Securely access your automation systems from anywhere”


System integrators, OEMs and large end users in particular will appreciate the freedom that ProSoft Connect offers when it comes to monitoring remote equipment. With ProSoft Connect, it doesn’t matter where you are.

  • All you need is an internet connection

How it helps you...

Save time and money: By being able to monitor and troubleshoot your control equipment in real time from anywhere in the world, you reduce your travel expenses and your associated time.

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“Manage your connected devices from one location”


The Web-based interface is intuitive and was designed by user-experience experts, based on more than 100 customer interviews. The platform eliminates your need to obtain a static, public IP address from your cell carrier in order to access devices. ProSoft Connect uses EasyBridge™ technology, which enables your PC to act like it is connected directly to a local switch on the remote network, allowing software tools such as Studio 5000, Unity, and TIA Portal to work without having to deal with any routing. Until "Star Trek" transporters exist, ProSoft Connect is your next best option.

How it helps you...

Improve efficiency: Use your PLC vendor’s programming tools without worrying about compatibility issues or learning how to setup complex routed network connections. Use the software’s discovery tools to browse connected devices, instead of trying to remember the IP address of each device on your remote system.

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“Get to the information you need when you need it”

Centralized Management.

  • View device uptime, signal strength, data link speed, and more
  • Access Control, Web interface passwords, VPN settings
  • View Actionable Alerts
  • Manage Team – Invite members, set user access levels, remove access
  • See users, review activity
  • Maintain - update firmware

How do you get started?

ProSoft Connect works with our ICX35-HWC Industrial Cellular Gateway. Purchase a gateway, add a cellular data plan and sign up for an account at We’re working on bringing other ProSoft products to the platform as well - including devices from our Rockwell in-chassis modules, standalone gateways, and other wireless product families.

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