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Debug port connection parameters for Prosoft modules and gateways

Connect PC to module's debug / configuration port using a null-modem cable Start Hyperterminal, Putty or other comm program and use the following settings: bits per second: 57,600 data bits: 8 parity: none stop bits: 1 flow control: Xon/Xoff Once connected, press &quo...

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Do you have an in-rack Ethernet I/P solution for a PLC-2 processor?

Yes, the MVI71-DFNT can work in a 1771 chassis with a PLC-2 processor.Along with the MVI71-DFNT sample ladder, you will need to use the following settings in the PLC-2 programming software:*The Lengths of the BTW and BTR instructions should be zero.  It will default to ...

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I am unable to view the Debug Menu on my MVI71-DNP module.

The MVI71-DNP User Guide states that you should configure your terminal emulation software to 57,600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no hardware handshaking. In MVI71-DNP configuration, there is a parameter that sets the baud rate for the configuration port.In some samp...

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How do I deal with an unsigned integer in an SLC, PLC5, or MicroLogix processor?

Scenario: A device that uses an INT value to represent a range of 0 to 65535, but in the processor the INT tag has a range of -32768 to 32767.Since the A/B processor does not have an unsigned Integer data type, you will need to convert this value to represent the full range. Simp...

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What is the difference between the 3100-MCM and the MVI71-MCM

The MVI71-MCM is the latest Modbus module for the Allen-BradleyPLC5 platform. The MVI71-MCM provides a debug port which allows the user to view module configuration and status. The MVI71-MCM provides a built-in data analyzer for troubleshooting communication problems with the at...

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When the MVI71-MCM is connected using Side-Connect, can a Modbus Master device read and write to the same Modbus address in the module?

Yes, a Modbus master can read and write to the same address in the MVI71-MCM module when side-connect is used. In the configuration file, the read start and write start values should both be set to the same value (e.g. read start = 0, write start = 0)....

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How do I flash my MVI71 module firmware?

MVI71 flash procedure ..">PLC5 upgrade program follow the procedure in the following document: mvi71 flash procedure .. ...

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Where is the configuration stored on the MVI46, 56, 69 and 71 modules?

Q:  I've read where it states that the battery is backup power for the CMOS. Is this where all the PCB configuration is stored or do the modules have ROM memory for the PCB configuration?A:  With all the MVI46, 56 and 71 modules, configuration is either stored in CF, o...

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IEC-60870-5-104 Server Tutorial

The following document outlines the ProSoft implementation of the IEC-60870-5-104 Server communication module as pertains to all -104S products. ...

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