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Which of your products support RS-485 serial protocols?

Almost all ProSoft solutions for serial based protocols support RS-232C, RS-485 and RS-422 electrical interface types, but equally important is the 'language' or application layer protocol needed for your application.ProSoft solutions are categorizedby the required protocols, not...

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How do I get Floating-Point values in a PLC5 or SLC processor from the Modbus module?

To view the floating-point value, the two 16-bit integers must be copied to a floating-point variable in the processor. For PLC and SLC processor, a COP command is used, with the source being the first integer value location, the dest being the F file location, and the len being ...

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What is the purpose of the UseGuardBand/GuardBandTime or InterCharacterDelay parameters in an MCM module?

Due to timing variations in various Modbus devices, it is possible for a Modbus master to have problems sending write commands to the MCM slave port while having no issues with read commands.In such cases, the "Use Guard Band" and "Guard Band Time" parameters ...

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What is the difference between the 3100-MCM and the MVI71-MCM

the MVI71-MCM provides a debug port which allows the user to view module configuration and status the MVI71-MCM provides a built-in data analyzer for troubleshooting communication problems with the attached modbus devices the MVI71-MCM is field upgradable the ...

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