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FH 与 IH 无线电设备专用 RadioLinx OPC 服务器


The RadioLinx OPC Server seamlessly links customer applications to RadioLinx radios. Any application that can act as an OPC Client, such as an HMI, can interact with any type of RadioLinx radio. It allows the applications to get signal strength, serial number and throughput information, as well as other useful statistics.
 The RadioLinx OPC Server operates in the background on any PC. It independently manages all requests from OPC Clients for information on RadioLinx radios. The OPC Clients are typically HMI programs, but can also be easily monitored by Microsoft Excel. The clients can be programs running either on the same PC as the OPC Server or on a separate PC connected via a network connection.

特性 优势

The RadioLinx OPC Server manages querying the RadioLinx radios over the Ethernet connection. The OPC Server manages all requests for information about those radios, and communicates over the appropriate connection to retrieve the information.


The RadioLinx OPC Server manages the requests for information about the radios and queries the radios appropriately to provide the needed information to the clients. For example, several HMIs may request signal strength of a single radio. These requests will be sent to the RadioLinx OPC Server. The RadioLinx OPC Server will query that radio once and reply back to all of the HMIs with the information they requested. The rate at which the RadioLinx OPC Server will query the radios on the network will be determined by the rates that the individual HMIs request updates.


RadioLinx OPC Server version 1.3.1 (XP) 1.10 MB 最后修改 2013.02.21
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