ProSoft AFC 管理器


The AFC Manager is an easy-to-use Windows 98/NT/2000/XP based configuration, reporting, and monitoring tool provided with the AFC modules. Project configurations may be uploaded, downloaded and saved to the PC under user selectable file names.

  •  Allows the user to monitor each meter run (flow rates, accumulator values and other calculation results). All alarm data is displayed on the screen
  •  Allows user to download and view the archives and events
  •  Allows the user to perform an Audit scan. This shows the process input variables and calculation results as "snapshots", allowing verification of the calculations
  •  Provides easy access to the Primary Modbus Slave data (130.000 registers) and Virtual Modbus Slave data (20.000) registers
  •  Provides the ability to perform data remapping to optimize the polling of data
  •  An optional password protects changes to certain configuration parameters and reading of critical meter data

特性 优势

The AFC Manager allows you to perform the following tasks with your AFC modules:

  •  Manage multiple AFC modules with multiple firmware revisions
  •  Configure project parameters (site configuration)
  •  Configure the port communication parameters
  •  Remap registers from the primary slave to the virtual slave. Modbus master interface allows easy access to primary and virtual database
  •  Configure meter channels
  •  Enable and disable the meter channels
  •  Set the module passwords
  •  Keep track of configuration changes
  •  Monitor the meter operation
  •  Perform an audit scan
  •  Configure the archives
  •  Monitor the archives
  •  Monitor the events


The AFC Manager can be used to configure the AFC module project parameters (Site Configuration) and each meter (Meter Configuration).  Once your project is up and running, you can also use the AFC Manager to monitor each meter run (Meter Monitor), archives, and events.


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