PROFIBUS Protocol Solutions

ProSoft Technology offers in-chassis PROFIBUS solutions for Schneider Electric’s Quantum™ platform, in addition to Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix®, CompactLogix™, and SLC platforms. We also carry several stand-alone PROFIBUS gateways that allow you to pass data between devices that use dissimilar protocols. Our products are available for PROFIBUS DP Master or Slave protocols. To help you deploy our products we have training videos as well as a global technical support team to assist you.
  • 5204-DFNT-PDPMV1

  • MVI56-PDPMV1

  • 5205-DFNT-PDPS

  • AN-X-PB

  • MVI46-PDPMV1

  • MVI69-PDPMV1

  • MVI56-PDPS

  • PS69-DPS

  • PS69-DPM


  • 3170-PDP

  • ILX69-PBM

  • ILX69-PBS