Company uses Wireless I/O to streamline security

By Lauren Robeson

At BMTI GmbH, construction machines and vehicles are constantly in motion. The Switzerland company is a technical service provider of the STRABAG Group, a construction company. BMTI manages the internal planning, rental, maintenance, and repair of machines and vehicles that are used by the STRABAG Group.


As in any business, time is money in the construction industry. At the BMTI facility, one person had to be out at the front gate continually to allow access to the property to construction truck drivers. That’s an important task but one that BMTI thought could be streamlined to optimize the resources of the company: If that one person didn’t need to be out at the gate all day every day, they could be freed up to do other tasks.

They worked with Patrick Müller, a sales representative at the distributor Staveb AG. Mr. Müller suggested a point-to-point Wireless I/O solution from ProSoft Technology.

“The Wireless I/O system allowed the customer to forgo conduits, trenching, permits, and laying any cable, a definite benefit given the 150-meter distance between the gate and the office,” Mr. Müller said.

The Wireless I/O system was installed quickly. The company appreciated that an advanced knowledge of wireless connections was not required for the system’s installation, as well as the lack of maintenance required for the system. The construction trucks’ drivers, meanwhile, like that there is not a long waiting time to get past the gate: Now they only need to press a button at the gate, which triggers a signal in the office to open the gate for them.


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