Changi Water Reclamation Plant Fit for the Next Century

With a pumping station that is 25 stories tall, the Changi Water Reclamation Plant, located on the island of Singapore, is the cornerstone of the Singapore Deep Water Sewage System. This system is responsible for purifying wastewater for consumption throughout Singapore. The NEWater plant produces 50 million gallons of treated water daily. That’s the equivalent of 90 Olympic –sized swimming pools. 

Changi Water

"The designers have incorporated a space-saving design concept - things like stack treatment tanks and also stack treatment facilities like our sludge treatment facilities. All the treatment facilities are stacked on top of the other so as to save space," said Yong Wei Hin, assistant director of the Changi Water Reclamation Plant. 

This monumental project needed low maintenance costs, real-time communication, remote diagnostics, and integration with an already existing asset management system. Due to mandatory connectivity requirements, it was decided to use PROFIBUS DP V1 as the protocol for communication. This complicated matters since both Schneider Electric® and Rockwell Automation® PLCs were used in the plant.
Schneider Electric contacted ProSoft Technology to allow the PLCs to communicate with PROFIBUS DP. With the PROFIBUS integration via 160 ProSoft Technology PROFIBUS DP V1 Quantum™ modules, the plant’s overall system architecture now provides high-speed communication as well as power to devices over the bus, making it possible to have very large networks.
The addition of the PROFIBUS DP V1 module to ProSoft’s line of Quantum modules has helped Schneider Electric open a new avenue of communication possibilities.
"Schneider Electric is very strong in the process industry and wanted to bring valuable solutions with PROFIBUS and FDT/DTM technology," said Ken Roslan, Vice President of Global Marketing at ProSoft Technology. "We were able to help them expedite time-to-market and get the customer acceptance and final buy-in."
The Changi Water Reclamation Plant is equipped with 160 ProSoft PROFIBUS DP V1 Master modules allowing constant communication with end devices. The mega-water treatment project has a long list of field devices in a wide-ranging PROFIBUS network including Magnetic Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Pressure and Differential Pressure Level Transmitters, Radar/Ultrasonic Transmitters, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers, Temperature Transmitters, and Electric Actuators.
The PROFIBUS DP slave devices mainly came from vendors like Siemens® (ET200M I/O’s and VSD), Yokogawa (Flow transmitter & Differential Pressure sensor), Vega (Ultra Sonic sensors, Level sensors, etc), ABB (VSD), and Schneider Electric (VSD & DOL starters).

With Intelligent Field Device Management (FDT/DTM), ProSoft Technology as a third party has helped Schneider Electric to integrate the PROFIBUS device level to its PLC.
The ProSoft module functions as a PROFIBUS DPV1 Master. Developed upon Quantum backplane transfer technology, the protocol module sends information back and forth through the Quantum processor. It collects all the necessary information on the configured PROFIBUS DP network. Built on the Siemens ASIC ASPC2 Step E with Infineon C165 Microprocessor, the module’s firmware is flash-upgradeable, and allows for slave messaging, extended diagnostics, alarm handling, notification, and more.
Learn more about ProSoft Technology’s solutions for Schneider Electric platforms here.


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