What would you have time to do without constant travel for minor troubleshooting?

Find out with ProSoft Connect, which is designed to bring you streamlined, secure access to your remote equipment from anywhere you are at any time. Log in to monitor your or your clients’ gateways, and troubleshoot issues – all without stepping on a plane.


ProSoft Connect is easy to use, highly scalable, and available.

Secure Remote Access focuses on OT’s need to keep machine and process downtime to a minimum and IT’s need for visibility and security.

Persistent Data Network Simple, Secure and Managed remote infrastructure communication network designed to connect geographically dispersed assets.

Cloud-based Platform

ProSoft Connect is a secure and governed platform that is cloud-native and has been designed with a multi-layered defense-in-depth approach to security.

How does ProSoft Connect work?

Wondering how ProSoft Connect is set up (and how it stays secure)? Find out the security considerations involved in its design, and why its microservices and containers architecture is ideal for your application.

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Secured, Simple, Managed

With no software to install or maintain, you can eliminate a common point of entry for hackers.

Layer 2 networking ensures a very simple setup – it’ll feel like you are in front of the machine. It is intuitive to use, and a defense-in-depth multi-layered approach to security means secure end-to-end communications.

The platform’s EasyBridge support means your automation programming tools (such as Studio 5000, Unity Pro, and more) can talk directly to your gateways without having to set up IP routing.

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Getting Started


  1.   Sign up at prosoft.io
  2.   Install and activate your wired or cellular gateways
  3.   Select a plan based on your or your clients’ data needs
  4.   Start monitoring your equipment through the secure Layer 2 network
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  •   Reduced machine or process downtime
  •   Reduced support costs
  •   Scalable use of resources to provide support to multiple customers

On The Go

ProSoft Connect Lite App

Download the ProSoft Connect Lite App on the App Store or on Google Play.

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