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Generic Serial ASCII Network Interface Module for FLEX I/O


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Recommended replacements: PLX31-EIP-ASCII

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The ProSoft Technology Generic ASCII Serial Single Port Interface Module is a fast and easy way to add a fully configurable ASCII communication port to the FLEX platform without consuming the front port of the processor. The MVI94-GSC-E module is the ideal solution for the many applications where ASCII character communications must be added to the FLEX platform.

特性 优势

The MVI94-GSC-E allows Rockwell Automation Flex I/O compatible processors to interface easily with other serial communication devices. Compatible devices include bar code readers, scanners, scales, printers, terminals and any other serial communication devices

The MVI94-GSC-E module is the ideal solution for the many applications where ASCII character communications must be added to the FLEX platform. Applications using the MVI94-GSC-E module can be found in many industrial sectors generally involving the following applications:

  • Bar code scanner interfaces
  • Weigh scale interfaces
  • Legacy ASCII protocol connections
  • Terminal port emulation
  • Printer driver (alarm/status printer)


DF1 ports

  • Full and half duplex modes supported
  • CRC and BCC error checking
  • Memory usage is completely user configurable, supporting the storage and transfer of up to 4000 registers to/from the control processor
  • 125 word read and write command lengths supported
  • Floating point data movement supported

DF1 Master Protocol Specifications

The port on the DF1 module can be configured as a Master port. When configured in master mode, the DFCM module is capable of reading and writing data to remote DF1 devices, enabling the Flex platform to act as a SCADA sub-master.

  • Command List: Up to 100 commands, each fully-configurable for function, slave address, register to/from addressing and word/byte count
  • Status Data: Error codes available on an individual command basis. In addition, a slave status list is maintained per active master port.
  • Polling of Command List: User-configurable polling of commands, including disabled, continuous, and on change of data (write only)

DF1 Slave Protocol Specifications

The module accepts DF1 commands from an attached DF1 master unit. When in slave mode, the module can accept DF1 commands from a master to read/write data stored in the module's internal registers. This data can be derived from other DF1 slave devices on the network through a master port or from the processor and is easily transferred to the processor's data registers.

Tested Hardware Connections

Several hardware connections have been tested by ProSoft or have been customer field tested. To our knowledge, the following physical connections have been successful:

  • RA Panel view (Full Duplex point-point, DFCM as slave)
  • RA Processors (Full/Half duplex, DFCM as either master or slave)
  • RA Power Monitors (485 Half-Duplex DFCM as Master)





单插槽,与 1794 背板兼容


20 mA @ 5 V


12 Vdc 至 24 Vdc
340 mA 至 170 mA


0°C 至 55°C (32°F 至 131°F)


-40°C 至 85°C (-40°F 至 185°F)


工作时 30 g
不工作时 50 g
10 Hz 至 150 Hz 时 5 g


5% 至 95% (无冷凝)

LED 指示灯

串行活动和错误 LED 状态

配置串行端口 (PRT1)

迷你 DIN

应用串行端口 (PRT2)

迷你 DIN
与背板 500V 光隔离

尺寸 (模块安装在基座中)

3.7 x 3.7 x 2.7 in (H x W x D)
94 x 94 x 69 mm (H x W x D)


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