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DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Network Interface Module with Quality Flag for Quantum


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The DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Network Interface Module with Quality Flag is a single slot, backplane compatible DNP 3.0 interface solution for the Schneider Electric Quantum or Unity platform. This module provides highly configurable support of both DNP 3.0 Master and Slave implementations. The addition of the Quality Flag helps to insure data reliability for critical or time sensitive communications.


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特性 优势

The module supports DNP Subset Level 2 features and some of the Level 3 features allowing the many SCADA and field devices supporting the DNP protocol to be integrated into the Quantum or Unity platform. The module acts as an input/output module between the DNP network and the Modicon backplane. The data transfer from the Quantum or Unity processor is asynchronous from the actions on the DNP network. Databases are user defined and stored in the module to hold the data required by the protocol.


The PTQ-DNPQ module is the ideal solution for many applications where DNP 3.0 Master/Slave protocol connectivity must be added to a Modicon Quantum system when requiring the use of the Quality Flag.

The DNP solution is designed to address the expanding interest in the DNP 3.0 protocol. The protocol was developed for the Power Utility industry and is recommended by the IEEE for RTU-IED communication applications. Additional industrial applications are quickly arising in the Water/Wastewater and Oil and Gas industries.


  •  Single Slot - Quantum backplane compatible
  •  The module is recognized as an Options module and has access to PLC memory for data transfer
  •  Configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory in the ProTalk module
  •  Up to six modules can be placed in a rack
  •  Local rack - The module must be placed in the same rack as processor.
  •  Compatible with common Quantum programming tools: UnityPro XL, Concept, ProWORX
  •  Quantum data types supported: 0x, 1x, 3x, 4x
  •  High speed data transfer across backplane provides quick data update times.
  •  Sample function blocks available.




 Backplane Current Load

 5 VDC ± 5%
1100 mA, maximum

 Operating Temperature

 32° F to 140° F (0° C to 60° C)

 Storage Temperature

-40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)

 Relative Humidity

 5% to 95% (without condensation)


 Sine vibration 4 to 100 Hz in each of the 3 orthogonal axes


 30 g, 11 ms in each of the 3 orthogonal axes

 LED Indicators

 Module Status
 Backplane Transfer Status
 Serial Port Activity
 Serial Port Error Status

 Configuration Serial Port (PRT1)

 DB-9M PC Compatible
RS-232 only
No hardware handshaking

 Application Serial Ports

DB-9M PC Compatible
RS-232/422/485 jumper selectable
RS-422/485 screw termination included
RS-232 handshaking configurable
500 V Optical isolation from backplane


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