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HART Multi-drop Network Interface Module for Quantum, non-CE


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The HART Multi-drop Network Interface Module is a backplane-compatible module that allows Quantum processors to interface easily with HART compatible devices. Devices commonly supporting the protocol include pressure, temperature, flow transmitters, as well as other similar instruments commonly found in the process (and other) industry.

HART® is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation


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特性 优势

The PTQ-HART module interfaces up to 15 devices on each of four HART Multi-drop channels with a Quantum processor. The four ports on the module support HART master commands to interface with slave devices on their own networks. Each port is individually configurable. Compatible devices include a large array of field devices including pressure, temperature, metering, and many other instruments.

Data is exchanged between the HART network and the Quantum processor backplane using the internal database contained in the module. The database is user-defined and stored in the module to hold the data required by the protocol.


The HART protocol is supported by major instrument suppliers and the HART Communication Foundation (HCF).

The PTQ-HART module is the perfect solution for industrial applications in chemical and refining operations, to gas and liquid distribution systems, and remote offshore monitoring stations are addressing virtually all aspects of control, data acquisition, and maintenance.

Today, HART is the most widely used digital communications protocol for instruments in the process control industry. More than 105 manufacturers support HART with a choice of more than 170 different field instruments.


  • 单插槽 - 与 Quantum 背板兼容
  • 模块被识别为选件模块,并且可访问 PLC 存储区以进行数据传输
  • 配置数据保存在 ProTalk® 模块的非易失性存储器中
  • 模块包装附带了可用于 Microsoft Windows XP、2000 和 NT 操作系统的配置软件
  • 一个机架最多可放置 6 个模块
  • 本地机架 - 必须将模块与处理器放置在同一机架中
  • 与所有常见 Quantum 编程软件包兼容,包括 Concept (版本 2.6 或更高版本)、Unity Pro (版本 2.2 或更高版本)、ProWORX (版本 2.20 或更高版本) (HSBY 仅在 Unity Pro 环境下可用)
  • 支持的 Quantum 数据类型:3x、4x
  • 可在背板间高速传输数据,数据更新时间更短
  • 提供梯形图样例文件





Backplane Current Load

5 VDC ± 5%
1100 mA, maximum

Operating Temperature

32° F to 140° F (0° C to 60° C)

Storage Temperature

-40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)

Relative Humidity

5% to 95% (without condensation)


Sine vibration 4 to 100 Hz in each of the 3 orthogonal axes


30 g, 11 ms in each of the 3 orthogonal axes

LED Indicators

Module Status
Backplane Transfer Status
Serial Port Activity
Serial Port Error Status

Configuration Serial Port (PRT1)

DB-9M PC Compatible
RS-232 only
No hardware handshaking

HART Channels

4 HART Master Channels

4-channel HART screw terminal connector with terminals for external, third-party 24 VDC power supply for loop-powered configurations provided with the module


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