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Cloud Computing Technology Powers ProSoft Connect

Industrial customers looking for remote access to plant automation equipment demand a reliable, secure service that’s available from anywhere. To meet these demands, ProSoft Technology built its ProSoft Connect service on state-of-the-art cloud computing technology. ProSoft Connect runs on a container and micro-service architecture that delivers unparalleled reliability. Instead of a large, single application running on a virtual machine, ProSoft Connect consists of many small programs (micro-services) running independently in containers. 

Containers perform the basic function of an operating system, but only provide the OS components that the micro-service requires. This has several critical benefits for ProSoft’s customers. First, containers minimize the risk of OS-level cyber security vulnerabilities. Every day, we hear about new vulnerabilities in OS components, which give hackers new ways to attack software. When cloud software is hosted on a virtual machine, all of the host OS components are active. In a container, only the necessary components are running.

Second, containerized micro-services are extremely scalable. A container can be launched in milliseconds based on demand, and work in concert with one another to keep the overall service quick and response for every customer. For ProSoft Connect, at least three instances of every micro-service is running at all times, so customers should never see service interruptions, even when ProSoft performs an update.

Finally, the simple nature of containers allows ProSoft to rapidly apply service improvements and security updates. ProSoft Connect does not rely on PC-installed software, so our users never have to worry about keeping their software updated. Whenever they log in to the service, they know they are using the most secure, most up-to-date software. Security, reliability, and access are vital for industrial customers, and state-of-the-art cloud computing technology allows ProSoft Connect to deliver.


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