Computing solution that's not a PC

LDM Overview
LDM Code

Example Applications:

  • Sequence control of devices that communicate via TCP/IP sockets
  • AGV positioning control
  • Advanced alarm notification
  • Optimization algorithms for weighing applications
  • Whatever you can dream of to the limits of the hardware
Linux Development Module for ControlLogix

Linux Development Module for CompactLogix

New to Linux?

Developing and compiling programs is not that much different than for a Windows environment.

What is a Linux Development Module?

A computing device that sits in the backplane of either a ControlLogix® or CompactLogix® system and runs your compiled code. You develop your application in the C/C++ programming language. The module can communicate with the Ethernet and / or serial devices and to the PLC via the backplane interface. Access your data and make fast decisions. Enables OEMs and SIs to provide a proprietary solution without exposing your custom code.

Linux Development Modules features:

  • Runs your compiled code like a PC without all the IT maintenance issues
  • Comes with HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SSH, FTP, Telnet support
  • Acts as a co-processor to the PLC
  • API library provided for PLC backplane communications

The Linux Development Module for both ControlLogix® and CompactLogix® requires the development of custom software, using the C or C++ programming languages.