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Extending their connected enterprise: How ProSoft is showing customers the value of the IIoT

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Extending their connected enterprise: How ProSoft is showing customers the value of the IIoT

The physical world is being digitized as connectivity is added to more and more objects. Industrial IoT is the ongoing digitization of the critical infrastructure and the associated additional value that its owners and operators can derive from it.  

This digitization has been happening for some time now and there is already a huge number of objects that have the connectivity but don’t always “talk the same language.” A recent study by McKinsey Global Institute found that in the worksite setting alone, 60 percent of the potential value of IoT requires the ability to integrate and analyze data from various IoT systems. Overall, interoperability is required to unlock more than $4 trillion per year in potential economic impact from IoT use in 2025, out of a total potential impact of $11.1 trillion.

This is where ProSoft, with its suite of over 60 supported industrial protocols and wired and wireless connectivity solutions, comes in by extending the Connected Enterprise to the edges that are already digitized but would otherwise not be interconnected.  

For example, the owner of a factory who derives value through the automation of its production lines may be able to unlock additional economic benefit by synchronizing the operation with the building’s air conditioning and lighting systems using ProSoft BACnet® modules for leading automation architectures, thereby extending the boundaries of the connected factory. A multi-well pad operation may extend the value of the digital oilfield through integrated flow computing modules from ProSoft. A power generation and distribution company may be able to extend its connected grid across multiple vendor platforms by using ProSoft IEC61850 products.

Extending the Connected Enterprise often requires connecting assets wirelessly where running wires may not make sense. ProSoft – with its wide-ranging portfolio of wireless connectivity, from 802.11 WLAN to frequency-hopping wireless, cellular, and wireless I/O – allows customers in hazardous or widely distributed environments to extend their Connected Enterprise to those new assets.

Lastly, substantial additional value can be realized by extending the Connected Enterprise across assets and people in multiple geographical locations securely, to enable applications like remote maintenance for example. ProSoft Connect and cellular gateways enable such secure access to the industrial assets. 

ProSoft is where automation connects. With its years of experience enabling customers to securely migrate to and extend their Connected Enterprise, ProSoft is well-prepared to be the trusted partner in your journey in Industrial IoT. We look forward to joining yours!

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from IIoT connectivity!