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In my ProLinx module, I am unsuccessful in downloading the configuration using ProSoft Configuration Builder. I get a 'Xfer PROTOCOL' message that freezes during download. Why?

(See 'download.jpg' file attachment)We have seen instances where improper jumper settings on the CPU board from the manufacturer will cause this to occur.  Please contact ProSoft Technical Support for further details.  Phone: (661)716-5100Email: support@psft.comYou can ...

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Is there Port Protection on the Prolinx serial ports?

Yes, the following information outlines the protection on the Prolinx The Serial Port ProtectionRS485/422 port interface lines TVS diode protected at +/- 26.7V breakdown voltage and +/- 24V stand-off voltage.RS232 port interface lines fault protected to +/- 36V pow...

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I'm having trouble downloading my configuration file to my ProLinx Communications Gateway. My Debug port ACT LED is on steady, what does this mean?

The ACT LED on the ProLinx gateway is hardwired to the TXD signal of the serial line.  If this LED comes on solid when the serial cable is plugged in, that is telling you that there is a constant "Transmit" happening on the serial port.  Disconnecting the cabl...

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I cannot locate the .EDS file for my ProSoft Product. Where can I get the proper .EDS file for my module?

Most ProSoft products which either go in a Rockwell PLC rack (InRAx modules) or communicate over EtherNet/IP (EIP), most of these products do not require an .EDS file for proper operation. Because of this. we do not provide .EDS files for every product which could support them. ...

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