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Are there special considerations when using an MVI69 module with an L20/L30 processor and can I use multiple MVI69 modules in the same rack?

All MVI69 products you may use multiple modules within a CompactLogix rack with any processor but the l20 and l30 processor. The l20/30 processors only support up to 222 words for all I/O within that rack. Our MVI69 module will occupy 132 words of data (8 words of overhead + 62 w...

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I'm trying to execute a message instruction from my ControlLogix Processor to the MVI56-BAS but I get an error on the Msg instruction

There's a compatibility issue between the RSLogix version 13 and the firmware 1.03 on the MVI56-BAS. To solve this problem you need to upgrade to the version 1.04 of the MVI56-BAS. Contact the support department to get the firmware update. ..Related Keywords: Basic MVI56-BAS mess...

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Product Classification Codes

Product Classification Codes - Customer Export InformationProSoft Technology, Inc. - Export / Import Classifications (Oct 2019) - Please Note: The information shown below is for informational purposes only and is not a representation or warranty regarding the proper classificatio...

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Need to replace a Molex® SST™ module? We can help

Need to replace a Molex® SST™ module? We can help!Many SST products are going obsolete. ProSoft has a list of replacement products that could help, and we offer unlimited tech support for our solutions.Check out the product list here, and call your regional tech support team to f...

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