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How do I configure an AN-X(2) Remote I/O Scanner?

The attached document provides a sample on how to configure the Remote I/O Scanner for an application on the AN-X-AB-DHRIO or the AN-X2-AB-DHRIO....

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Can a CompactLogix processor be used with the AN-X(2) Remote I/O Scanner?

Yes as long as the CompactLogix has an ethernet port available with a minimum of 2 CIP connections it can be used in conjunction with the AN-X(2)-AB-DHRIO gateway running the Remote I/O Scanner firmware....

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Does the AN-X(2) Remote I/O Scanner support Block Transfers?

Yes the gateway supports both Block Transfer Reads (BTR) and Block Transfer Writes (BTW).In addition it is capable of supporting multiple BTRs or BTWs to the same Rack, Group, and Slot. When multiple BTRs or BTWs are used to the same Rack, Group, and Slot the ladder logic must be...

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How to control BTRs and BTWs programatically in RSLogix5000 to an AN-X(2) Remote I/O Scanner

A zip file containing a technote and sample ladder logic file is attached. These documents contain information and show a sample on how to programmatically control BTRs and BTWs....

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