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Accessing the Debug Menu on a DFCM (DF1) Prolinx module

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All ProLinx modules with DFCM driver have no menu display on hyperterminal when pressing '?' key. Cannot access debug port. The DF1 pass-through port parameter is set to yes in the configuration file. Reconfiguring the debug port:

  1. Open the .cfg file using Microsoft Notepad
  2. For the debug port, change the DF1 pass-through-port parameter to no
  3. Save the new config file
  4. Power down the ProLinx module
  5. Connect your pc running hyperterminal to the ProLinx module debug port using a null-modem cable
  6. Reboot the ProLinx module, and as the module boots up, press and hold the 'L' key on your keyboard
  7. The loader menu will be displayed. Select 'C' (or 'R' if version is earlier than 2.41) to download the configuration file
  8. Cycle power to the ProLinx module
  9. Press '?' in hyper terminal
  10. Main menu is displayed
  11. Debug menu is now accessible