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How to upload a configuration file from 4xxx or 5xxx Gateway?

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It is recommended to use ProSoft Configuration Builder to upload and download configuration files to 4xxx and 5xxx series gateways.  ProSoft Configuration Builder is provided free of charge and can be downloaded here:

Steps to upload a configuration file from a gateway:

1)Right click and select add module

2)Right click on the module and select Choose module type (select your gateway)

3)right-click and select upload from device to PC


4) To the PC connect the Null Modem Cable (Cable 15) with the Mini-Din - DB9 adapter cable (Cable 09) that came with the gateway.  (The Mini-Din to DB9 cable is not the same as a Rockwell Mini-Din to db9 cable.)

5) Select the Com Port that the cables are plugged into.


6) Click Upload.