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My Wireless Inputs/Outputs aren’t working properly

Make sure that the radios are powered up and communicating. Left LED should be flashing for activity Right LED should be solid for connectivity Make sure that the input/output cards are on the same digit on their dial. For example, I sent me Analog card to "1", make su...

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What configuration software do I use for the Wireless I/O?

The wireless I/O radios come paired and ready to communicate from the factory. There is no software required in order to get them to function.All that is need is for it to be powered up. (9-30 VDC)...

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What is the part number for the conversion cable for the Wireless I/O?

All of our radios use the standard 2ft conversion cable (C19M10-XX-002)In the case of the Wireless I/O, it will use the C19M11-XX-002...

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