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SLC 5/03 RTU faults after download or after clicking on the Read I/O Config button

This issue affects applications using RSLogix 500 version 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3. The issue was corrected in version 7.3.1 of RSLogix....

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What are the bit definitions for the Modem Status Word (N100:40) in the RTU-5/03?

bit 0: CTSs changebit 1: DSR change bit 2: RI change bit 3: CD change bit 4: RTS change bit 5: CTS input state bit 6: RI input statebit 7: CD input state...

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How do I access the DH485 port on my RTU 5/03 processor?

Prosoft technology support only handles the Modbus portion of the RTU 5/03 processor. Rockwell Automation technical support handles all other aspects of this module....

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After I install and open ControlScape and open the app, I get an error that says "Serial Port Control Create Failed".

Incorrect version of commx.ocx file installed on the PC. Delete the file named COMMX.OCX from your PC (this file is normally located in the C:WindowsSystem32 directory) and re-install Controlscape. ...

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