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What is the best ProSoft solution for communicating to devices that use the Siemens USS ASCII-based protocol?

MVI56E-GSC or MVI56E-LDM In-Chassis modules are recommended forcommunicating with any ASCII based protocol from a ControlLogix .  Thisassumes knowledge of protocol properties such as command and responsestructures, baud rate, data bits, parity, and other details of theprotoc...

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I need to send out more than 200 characters using module MVI56-GSC.

To specify the number of characters you want to transmit, use the WriteLength tag. To extend the number of characters you want to manipulate, you should increase the length of the ReadString or the WriteString tags.The solution is to send out a packets sequence of up to 100 chara...

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How do I convert ASCII data to a Floating-Point value in a Logix based processor?

ASCII data acquired by the GSC module will be stored in the ReadString SINT (8 bit integer) array.This data can by copied to a string type tag, and then converted to a real (floating-point) value using the RSLogix 5000 STOR function....

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How does your sample ladder for the GSC products work?

Our sample ladder logic with give you information received in on the serial port into an array like ReadString. This information is populated once the termination condition has been met. This termination condition tells our module when to assume that you are done receiving inform...

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How do I get the letters of my ASCII text messages to be in the correct order?

Swapping each two-letter group of out-going and/or in-coming ascII text messages appear to be reversed. example: "test message" looks like "ettsm seaseg" we provide "port 1 receive swap code", "port 1 transmit swap code", "port 2 recei...

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How do I enter special ASCII characters in an ST File? ie: & $

To enter a special ASCII character in an st file use a " " and then the hex code for the character. For example: to enter "c:" one would enter "c:5c" in the string file....

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In the GSC modules, what are the possible values for the RxState and Tx State parameter?

The values and definitions for the RXstate parameter are: -1 : waiting for receive data. 1 : receiving data. 2 : waiting for backplane transfer the values and definitions for the TXstate parameter are: 0 : waiting for data to send out the port 100 and 101 : messag...

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