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Can my ProSoft or ProLinx DFCM module communicate through an Allen-Bradley 1747-AIC module?

The 1747-AIC module only converts the signal from RS-485 to RS-232. It does not convert the protocol from DH-485 to DF1, which the DFCM module requires. For DH-485 communications, check the ProSoft website for modules which support DH-485....

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I am using a ProSoft DFCM solution (or possibly another DF1 protocol product) and I am having problems establishing and/or maintaining communications with a node that his been assigned Station Number

The number 16, or 10hex, is a special number in the protocol.  This number is used as an 'attention' character, as special control character that alerts DF1 receivers that a command message or response is following.DF1 protocol messages can be long and complex.  In some...

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What product can be used to connect more than one DF1 master device to one or more DF1 slave devices?

The 5202-DFNT-DFCM4 or the 5202-MNET-DFCM4 gateways are capable of allowing multiple masters to communicate with 1 or more DF1 slave devices.This gateway has 4 configurable DF1 serial ports that facilitates the exchange of data between the devices attached to the gateway....

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What does an error code of -200 (0xFF38) represent in my DFCM module?

An error code of -200 (0XFF38) indicates the DFCM module expected a DLE-ACK message from the DF1 device, but received a DLE-NAK instead.Related Keywords:ProLinx MVI46 MVI56 MVI71 MVI94 DF1...

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Is there a limit, in a DF1 message, of the number of registers requested or written in 1 command?

Yes, the DF1 protocol limits the amount of words transmitted in a single command. This amount varies based on the functions code being used.Related Keywords:DFCM MVI46 MVI56 MVI71 DF1 ProLinx MVI94...

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Why am I unable to communicate with Wonderware from a 4xxx or 5xxx Series gateway in a full Duplex DF1 configuration

The Wonderware driver ABKF2 does not process or use the station ID when operating in Full Duplex mode.  The DF1 full duplex specification requires a station id when more than one device is present on a network.A workaround has been implemented in our DF1 implementation. ...

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