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How do I transfer a floating point value using integer files in a MicroLogix PLC?

Refer to the following article, however, on the MicroLogix series of processors, you MUST use the CPW command instead of the COP command....

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How do I convert an integer to floating point and vice versa in a Rockwell Controller?

The database addresses of all ProSoft modules and gateways consist of 16 bit integers.  Therefore when dealing with 32 bit floating point data, or REAL values, they are stored as two consecutive 16 bit integers. Converting from Integers into FloatsIn all versions of RS...

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How do I completely remove a ProSoft Add-On Instruction (AOI) from a RSLogix5000 project?

When a ProSoft AOI is initially installed, the User-Defined Data Types (UDT's), controller tags, and AOI logic is imported into the existing program.  You will need to remove these in a certain order:1.  Delete the ProSoft card from the I/O configuration in Slot X.2.&nb...

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Why can't I download my program to an L3 series controller on Revision 20?

There is a known issue with Revision 20 of the CompactLogix L3 series firmware when multiple large I/O modules are in the rack. It is not limited to ProSoft modules, but any module with a large I/O size. So any combination of multiple ProSoft modules, or a single ProSoft module w...

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