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How do I compile and build my C program for the ADM module?

The attached procedures will step you through the creating, compiling, and building of a C program for the ADM modules using the Borland 16-bit C compiler....

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Difference between MVI94-DOS and MVI94-ADM?

There is no difference between these two modules. The module was originally called DOS, then we renamed it to ADM to match our other ADM products....

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Why am I getting an error "Device not available" when calling MVIbp_Open() on the MVI56-ADM?

See the following Knowledgebase article: Why do I get an error on the MVIbp_Open() function call on my MVI56-ADM?...

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How do I configure my ADM project to work with a particular MVI platform I am using?

Run backplane startup function failed after you successfully compiled and downloaded the sample program to the MVIXX-ADM. It doesn't work and you get the following message on the debug port: error: Startup function failed!Although the sample program for the MVIXX-ADM is compatibl...

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Why do I get the message "Extra ignored!" in my MVI56-BAS module?

That means that somewhere in your program you are assigning to a string a value larger than the defined limit using the string statement. In a program that uses strings you need to place at the start of the program the following statement:string(a,b)where a = total number of byte...

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What are the differences between the Rockwell 1756-MVI and the MVI56-ADM module?

The MVI56-ADM is essentially the same product as the 1756-MVI.  The 1756-MVI (and MVID) are no longer sold by Rockwell Automation. ProSoft's MVI56-ADM has additional libraries that were not available from Rockwell for the 1756-MVI. These libraries assist the user in setting ...

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How do I transfer data from a PLC5 Processor and the MVI71-ADM module using Block Transfers?

The transfer of data between the PLC5 processor and the MVI71-ADM can be made in two ways: using block transfers or using the side connector. In this application note we will discuss the way to do the block transfers. The MVI71-ADM can not use input and output images, it needs to...

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Why do I get an error on the MVIbp_Open() function call on my MVI56-ADM?

This error occurs when using the backplane driver for the MVI56-ADM, and MVI56-ADMNET, and you have not executed (installed) the actual backplane device driver.  The device driver is activated by calling the program mvi56bp.exe, and mvi56dd.exe in your config....

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What Compact Flash card does ProSoft recommend using with my ADM solutions

For all ADM and ADMNET products, an industrial grade compact flash card is required for use with the ADM cards. There are specific cards that we have tested with, and these are the only cards recommended for use. These cards can be ordered through ProSoft, or can be purchased...

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What are the basic memory specs for the MVI56-ADM?

System RAM = 1MB, OS flash RAM = 1MB, application compactflash module: up to 2GB.note: the ADM module uses a version of DOS as the operating system....

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How can I edit the backplane exchange size on the MVI56-ADM?

First use the MVIcip_open function to open the backplane then you will need to use   'MVIcip_WriteConnected' function call and the 'MVIcip_ReadConnected' function call to change the I/O size.   The last argument of the these two functions (MVIcip_Wri...

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