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What Compact Flash card does ProSoft recommend using with my ADM solutions

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For all ADM and ADMNET products, an industrial grade compact flash card is required for use with the ADM cards. There are specific cards that we have tested with, and these are the only cards recommended for use. These cards can be ordered through ProSoft, or can be purchased by the customer. Below are the recommended cards:

These are the approved cards from Silicon Systems:

64M = SSD-C64MI-3012  (or -3512)


256M = SSD-C25MI-3012  (or -3512)


512M = SSD-C51MI-3012  (or -3512)


2G = SSD-C02GI-3012  (or -3512)


4G = SSD-C04GI-3012  (or -3512)

This is the approved card from Smart Modular Technologies:

32M = SG9CF32HYA6I