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Are ProSoft RadioLinx radios compatible with Locus radios?

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frequency hopping serial and EtherNet radios

(OS2400-485, OS2400-E to RLX-FHS, RLX-FHE).


The ProSoft and locus frequency hopping radios are fully compatible.

The only incompatibly could occur when they are programmed.

If both types of radios are being used in the same network, make sure the

complete network is either programmed with the ProSoft configuration software

or the locus configuration software. The ProSoft configuration program uses

different channels than does the locus configuration software. New radio

configuration software is being developed to properly configure both types

of radios.

high speed EtherNet radios

(OS2400-HSE to RLX-IH).


The high-speed ProSoft and locus EtherNet radios are also compatible with each

other. the only difference is that each radio type requires a different firmware

version. the prosoft radios require the prosoft firmware and the locus radios

require the locus firmware. firmware updates must be correct or the radios will

behave erratically. ..