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How do I upgrade my RLX-OPC Server?

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How do I upgrade my RLX-OPC Server?You will first need to uninstall the existing RLX-OPC Server.When OPC is on a computer already and you are upgrading to OPC from the website. If OPC is on the computer already.BEFORE you try to install:a. Stop the RadioLinx_OPCServer service that is running [My Computer > Manage > Services]b. Close OPC Monitor or the OPC Config Toolc. Attempt to uninstall OPC Server from Add/Remove Programs2. If uninstall failed SavedState Error, Can't Uninstall message etca. To get the old one off, one way is to Install the newest version (1.1.8) over the top [repair the old copy if the installer asks to Repair or Remove] then try to uninstall the old OPC Server (1.0.3 etc) after that.b. If the old one comes off. i. Uninstall the new version too, then reinstall a clean copy of the new version it should install finec. If the old one still does not uninstall. Try this: i. Delete everything from C:RadioLinx OPC Server and then when try to uninstall add/remove programs it allowed should allow to uninstall.