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Why are MMS Reports not working?

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If MMS reports are not working with a ProSoft IEC 61850 client gateway please review the following points, as the most common reasons are listed below:

1.Mismatch between the IEC 61850 client and server configuration: verify that the report configuration loaded in the Server and the configuration in the PLX81 are the same. In about 95+% of MMS report problems, the root-cause turns out to be that someone made changes to the report and downloaded the changes to the 61850 Server (Slave) without changing the Report configuration in the PLX8x- 61850 Client.

2.Ensuring that a report is triggered correctly: In the 61850 Configuration file, if only one Report Trigger is configured for General Interrogation, then our gateway only performs this once on start-up. If it is desired to have it updated more than once, at boot-up, additional trigger options will need to be specified. Typically, customers use ‘intgPd’ (Integrity or periodic transmission), ‘dchg’ (send on Data Change or Report By Exception), or ‘qchg’ (send on Quality Change) as additional conditions to trigger the Server to send a MMS Report.