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My sample slot server CSV is throwing a backplane error, do I have a bad sample?

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There was a version of the Slot Server firmware, DCC v6.05f, which required an extra field in the backplane transfer section to operate properly. If you are having backplane issues with our sample CSV and sample ladder, load the web GUI (connect to the Ethernet port on the slot server, then put the IP address of the slot server into your preferred web browser), then click on about, on the Firmware tab check the PCC_Version, if its V6.05f, you have one of the affected slot servers. To fix the issue, in your backplane connections section, after Adapter add an additional Column called Protocol, and beneath Protocol on the same row as ControlNet define the protocol as Logix_SS.

Note, all future DCC versions, while not requiring the field, have been designed to be backward compatible with the additional Protocol field, so if you do need to add this addition field and later port the configuration to a newer slot server, the additional field should not cause any issues. The field may, however, cause an issue with older firmwares.