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Using CIP Connect with the Lite (free) Version of RSLinx Classic

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Some Prosoft modules, such as the 69E and 69L families, have only the option to use CIP Connect over the backplane for configuration downloads and uploads in the Prosoft Configuration Builder (PCB). Other modules offer CIP Connect as an alternative to connecting directly to the configuration port.

However, sometimes a customer may need to use CIP Connect on a computer that does not have the Rockwell software suite already installed. Fortunately, Rockwell offers a free, standalone version of RSLinx Classic called RSLinx Classic Lite. All that is required is to first create a Rockwell Automation Profile. The free download section can then be accessed here.

While there is a version of RSLinx Classic Lite (2.57) that is available for download elsewhere on the Rockwell site without having to register for an account, this version is 6+ years old and does not recognize most of the newer controller families. It is recommended that the customer create an account and download the latest version, which as of this writing is version 3.73.

More information on using RSLinx Classic can be found here.