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How do I completely remove a ProSoft Add-On Instruction (AOI) from a RSLogix5000 project?

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When a ProSoft AOI is initially installed, the User-Defined Data Types (UDT's), controller tags, and AOI logic is imported into the existing program.  You will need to remove these in a certain order:

1.  Delete the ProSoft card from the I/O configuration in Slot X.

2.  Delete the ProSoft AOI rung from the logic.

3.  In the Controller Tags, click on the bottom tab 'Edit Tags'.  Delete the tags that were imported when this module was created. (AOIxxMCM, MCM, etc)

4.  Delete the ProSoft Add-On Instruction object from the project tree under the 'Add-On Instructions'  on the left side of the RSLogix5000 program

5.  Delete the ProSoft UDTs in order.  To identify the ProSoft UDTs, look for the UDTs with the part number as part of it's name.  For instance:  MCMDATA or MNETStatus.  Some UDTs are dependent on others, you'll be able to delete a UDT if the 'Delete' option is available when you right click or press the 'Delete' key.

This is a general overview of removing a ProSoft AOI.  There may be additional steps needed.