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Do ProSoft AFC Flow Computers support annubar-type flow sensors?

No, the annubar is a different kind of differential pressure sensor; It is essentially a multiple pitot tube, which requires a different kind of calculation than an orifice plate....

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Do ProSoft AFC flow computer solutions support energy calculations according to the ISO-6976 standards?

ProSoft AFC flow computer modules implement the Bernoulli equation for measurement of fluid flow through concentric square-edged orifices. The Coefficient of Discharge in this equation is calculated by an appropriate Standard, which may, by option selection, be chosen as either A...

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The Wallclock in my ProSoft MVIxx-AFC module seems to be showing Greenwich Mean Time (GMT or Universal Time) instead of Local Time. How do I get it to use Local Time?

First of all, be sure your processor is showing Local Time and that you have run the "Set Clock" routine from the AFC logic to synchronize the MVIxx-AFC Wallclock to the processor time.If the processor shows correct local time and the MVIxx-AFC shows GMT after the ...

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What are the power requirements for the MVI69 CompactLogix modules?

MVI69 modules require 800ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 2 (slots from a power supply) MVI69E modules require 500ma @5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4MVI69L modules require 450ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4The 24v requirements for all of these MVI ...

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For what purposes would I use the Multiple Meter Streams options on my MVIxx-AFC Flow Computer?

The Multiple Meter Streams options can be used to more efficiently compute flows through a single meter at a physical site that has different fluids flowing through the meter at different times.  Since each Stream will have it's own meter configurati...

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Where are the on-board jumper positions defined for my MVI module?

On bottom of the circuit board for any MVI products, you' ll find three jumper banks: COM1, COM2, and Setup.Each jumper position is labeled 232, 422 and 485....

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Do ProSoft AFC Flow Computer solutions support "ASME MFc-6M", "API-11" and/or "API-12" calculation standards for measuring lubricating oils?

The API-11 and API-12 calculations are available in ProSoft AFC Flow Computers, beginning with version 2.05. MPMS Ch 12 specifies, essentially, the necessary factors and calculational sequence for measuring liquids, and the general method of measurement using ...

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What AGA specification version is used for Flow Calculations in the ProSoft MVIxx-AFC modules?

The AGA Specifications include Part 1 "General Equations and Uncertainty Guidelines", dated 1990; Part 2 "Specification and Installation Requirements", dated 2000; Part 3 "Natural Gas Applications", dated 1992;  and Part 4 "Background,...

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When converting from a 2100-AGA to an AFC flow module, why are there different flow values between the 2 modules?

The attached document describes the differences in the calculations when using AGA 3....

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Using AFC modules with corrected (net) flow as in input

The AFC is not designed to receive a corrected flow input.However if the AFC is being used only for its accumulation and archive capabilities, then rather than the process temperature and pressure inputs, provide the meter's reference conditions as the AFC's temperature and press...

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