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What are the power requirements for the MVI69 CompactLogix modules?

MVI69 modules require 800ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 2 (slots from a power supply) MVI69E modules require 500ma @5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4MVI69L modules require 450ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4The 24v requirements for all of these MVI ...

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What is the maximum message size (in bytes) that can be handled by the MVI56-GEC module?

As a server, the module can receive a maximum packet size of 2048 bytes in one Ethernet packet. This information would then be queued up and transferred over the backplane in blocks of 400 bytes. Multiple TCP/IP packets can be received until the buffer is full at 4096 bytes. At t...

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