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Changing the amount of data returned by class 0 polls as a server

The amount of data the MVI56E-DNPNET returns, when functioning as a server and polled for all its data (class 0 poll) by a client is determined by the sizes of the DNPNET_DNP_Input_Database and the DNPNET_DNP_Output_Database UDTs (User-defined Data Types). Be aware that as Binary...

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How do I setup the DNPSNET module to perform unsolicited messaging?

In order to use unsolicited messaging on an In-Chassis DNP application, your client (DNP master) will need to be connected to via a TCP/IP connection. All DNP Ethernet devices must support both TCP/IP and UDP for their transport layers. Since TCP/IP is the only connected type of ...

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How do I control Binary Outputs Using the MVI56E-DNPNET Module?

While most DNP commands are defined in the DNPNET.CONFIG.DNP_Client_Commands array, controlling binary outputs for relays etc uses Control Relay Object Block functions which are defined in DNPNET.CONTROL.CROB_Commands .All CROB functions can use the following settings:  D...

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What do the shaded areas in the subset definitions indicate?

Objects that we support that are not required within the Level II specification are shaded.  Refer to the associated notes with each item to determine how the module is going to respond.  Some values will be handled, but some will simply return an error....

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