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When I increase the ReadData or WriteData array sizes in my program, all of the configuration parameter values go to 0.

When controller tag array sizes are changed in the ControlLogix platform, RSLogix5000 re-initializes all of the tags within that data type. This sets all values to 0 in all tags within that group. Before changing any controller tag array sizes, the user should record all configur...

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What causes a conditional command to be issued?

A conditional command is useful when the same value does not need to be written to the end device continuously, but rather on change. A conditional write command is scanned based upon its poll rate (like all other commands).  The difference is that it will not be execut...

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What is the purpose of the UseGuardBand/GuardBandTime or InterCharacterDelay parameters in an MCM module?

Due to timing variations in various Modbus devices, it is possible for a Modbus master to have problems sending write commands to the MCM slave port while having no issues with read commands.In such cases, the "Use Guard Band" and "Guard Band Time" parameters ...

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What is the difference between your MVI56E-MCM and MVI56E-MCMR modules?

The MVI56E-MCM and MVI56E-MCMR modules share nearly the same Modbus functionality, but the MVI56E-MCMR module pages user data in a block of 40 words at a time as opposed to 200 words for the MCM.  This is due to the available bandwidth of ControlNet, and the smaller I/O siz...

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Where are the on-board jumper positions defined for my MVI module?

On bottom of the circuit board for any MVI products, you' ll find three jumper banks: COM1, COM2, and Setup.Each jumper position is labeled 232, 422 and 485....

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Apparent data corruption in 33 words of MVI56-MCM or MVI56E-MCM ReadData or WriteData arrays.

In your controller tags, if MCM.Config.ModDef.ErrStatPtr is 0, then status data is likely overwriting the first 33 words of the MCM's ReadData or WriteData arrays which would typically be used for Modbus data.Enter a value of -1 for this variable if status information isn't being...

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How can I configure the module to store and initialize input values on reset or powerup?

You can initialize the input data (ReadData) with cached values from the processor on these In-Chassis modules so that these values do not get reset to 0 during a module reset or powerloss. To do this the parameter labeled "Initialize Input Image" or "Initialize Ou...

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How to avoid slow data updates on a Modbus network with an MVI56(E)-MCM or MVI69-MCM when some Slaves are either not on-line or not functioning correctly?

A customer wrote: "Prosoft Modbus communication modules for Allen Bradley, like MVI56-MCM, experience timeout problems and polling delays on RS-485 multipdrop networks if slaves are powered off or faulty.  For example, if we have 10 slaves communicating on the...

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Which ProSoft products can communicate with a Honeywell DCS System?

Most Honeywell DCS Systems support either Serial Modbus or Modbus TCP communication.  If your application involves Rockwell Automation PACs or PLCs than consider one of our In-Chassis modules such as the MVI56E-MCM or the MVI56E-MNET.  If the application is using anothe...

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Where is the configuration for the MVI56(E)-MCM?

The MVI56(E)-MCM is configured via controller scoped tags that are automatically generated when the rung of ladder is imported into RSLogix 5000.  This rung of ladder also contains the AOI that is used to transport data back and forth to the MVI56(E)-MCM module. ...

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